osun goddess remains one of the weird mysteries in nigeria

5 weird mysteries in Nigeria you might have missed

Weird mysteries in Nigeria are probably as unbelievable as other mysteries all around the world. Some mysteries have hot magic you cannot disprove scientifically because they are really hard to explain. Such are the mysteries in Yoruba land explain in one here. Yet we have other weird mysteries in Nigeria that you probably might have missed. They are;

1. Shrine of Oranmiyan in Ife

Ife in Osun state is known for a many of the Weird mysteries in Nigeria because it is believed by the Yoruba people and that the origin of human civilization could be traced to this ancient city. No one till today knows how a staff, an obelisk of considerable height, said to belong to Oranmiyan was drilled into the ground. The popular story is that Oranmiyan, a powerful man did not want to die and instead, he entered the ground but his staff remained above.

2. Idanre Hills

This is about 3,000 ft. over the sea level. There are some mysterious handwriting on the rock which no one has been able to decipher event till date. It was also believed that the ancient men hid in the hills when their enemies came and the enemies could never see them.

Who provided the feedings while these soldiers are during the siege is a subject of Weird mysteries in Nigeria that we’ll share another time.

3. The Tales of Sango

Weird mysteries in Nigeria may not be completed without mentioning a warrior cum royalty turned to deity. Alaafin Sango. Sango is believed to be the god of thunder. One of the myths about, legend is that while Sango was on earth, he had the ability to spill out fire from his mouth.

He (Sango), according to the legend got this power from his mother’s kin in the land of Nupe. Sango was the third Alaafin of Oyo and during his reign, Old Oyo empire flourished and their was peace in the land as Alaafin Sango was a man to be feared.

4. Okun and Osa

These are rivers which are separated by a rock and happened to be one of the Weird mysteries in Nigeria. Even despite the the rocks separating these to water, they seldom spilled into each other and when that happens, it was reported that Okun often counter spilled believing it was sending back the water that was spilt by Osa. A version of the story says both rivers were women married to a man who was the rock. Both women eventually turned to deity being worshiped in Nigeria being worshiped in Yoruba land and since each has their life styles while they were humans, it was believed they are still maintain same even in their transformed nature as rivers hence Okun that is neat and Osa that is dirty.

The mystery there is that both water never mixed up well when put together in a container. An account was reported of a lady who wanted to confirm this strange occurrence and put the water from the two rivers in the same cup but the cup broken into pieces. The location? It is in Lagos, the southwest of Nigeria.

5. How Oduduwa came to the world

Yorubas believed that the world was started by Oduduwa. He was a messenger of God who came to the earth via a chain. Perharps why Oduduwa feast becomes one of the weird mysteries in Nigeria is the myth surrounding his chain which remains till today in his groove at Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.In his hand was a shell contain Sand, he had a cock he was carrying too which helped spread the sand all over the earth because everywhere was filled with water.

These are mysteries, right? But not to be discarded, some people still hold them strongly as their beliefs and gets results with them. After all, these things are real and cannot be explained scientifically.

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