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5 Wonderful Places To Visit in Osun State For Tourist attractions✓★❤

Have you ever asked yourself, where are the wonderful places to visit in Osun State, Nigeria when on vacation, sight-seeing or just visiting tourist attractions? Well, if you have, we will like to aquaint you with five places of interest in Osun State, you won’t let go once you visit them.

The zeal to visit wonderful places around the world was the reason local tourism boomed in the past and the reason it will continue to boom in the years to come especially in Osun State where culture is so deep. There is heap load of interesting places and tourist attractions to visit in Nigeria when it comes to Nigeria tourism and Osun State being one of the most wanted places to visit in term rural tourism has five most spectacular tourist sight you can think of.

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So, here are the list of 5 wonderful places to visit in Osun State, Nigeria.

1. Osun Osogbo Grove

Osun Osogbo Grove has always been one of the wonderful places to visit in Osun State and Nigeria tourism due to a number of things, one of which is the fact that it is a leading tourist attraction site in Nigeria and a UNESCO world heritage site. Osun Osogbo grove located in the sacred dense forest towards the outskirt of Osogbo, is one of the last remnants of primary high forest in southern Nigeria and it house the sacred grove of goddess of fertility and one of the pantheons of Yoruba gods, goddess.

The grove contains some mysteries of Yoruba race as well as sanctuaries, shrines and sculptures in honour of Osun goddess as well as surprising landscapes worked on by the member of the “New Sacred Art movement” formed by an Austrian, Susanne Wenger. This truly is probably the best place to visit in Osun State for religious tourism in Nigeria.

2. Opa Oranmiyan Obelisk

Opa Oranmiyan is an obelisk of about 18ft tall with some weird magical intricate design adorning its body all to the top. Its sight is regarded as oKiriji War Museumne of the most visited tourist sites in Ile-Ife, Osun State Nigeria. Legend has it that Oranmiyan also known as Oranyan was the first Oba of being and the founder of great Oyo empire. It is believed that his spirit still lives in the obelisk as some believed he became the obelisk as was the custom of the then great people of the old to turn to object or vanish into ground when their time is done.

3. Kiriji War Museum

Kiriji War was the longest ethic civil war ever fought in history by people of the same historical and tradition descent and lineage, the Yorubas, which lasted 16 years.

At the end of the harrowing war, there was an international intervention by the colonial lords which led to the signing of a peace treaty on September 23, 1886. This war brought peace within Yoruba land and till date, there has been no war among the Yoruba. This is one of the best places to learn the history of the single most populous black nation speaking the same language and remain one of the wonderful places to visit in Osun State.

4. Ooni of Ife-Palace (House of of Oodua)

This palace was first built by the Yoruba progenitor himself, Odudua and has since been re-modernized according to eons and the emperor known as Ooni of each eon. It is notable as the center of Yoruba history and culture as it is acknowledged by all the Yoruba race across the world to be the ancestral throne of the progenitor of their race hence why it is one of the tourists’ attraction sites and wonderful places to visit in Osun State, Nigeria. The House of Odudua contains mythical objects and spots of historical significance.

5. Anlugbua Grove in Kuta

This site is probably the less most popular in our list of 5 wonderful places to visit in Osun State for Nigeria tourism but it probably has the most bizarre story behind it, making it a point of attraction to anyone who enjoy rural tourism. Kuta is one of the towns in Osun State, Nigeria and legend has it that the progenitor of Owu kingdom, Anlugbua himself founded this town and there are mysteries surrounding his grove located in the same town worth exploring for tourists.

What now?

Many parents have often dreamed of telling their ward interesting stories of the mysteries and wonders in their race and best time for doing this are times when family embark adventure tourism or just go for vacation as this time allow them to spend quality time with their kids while visiting wonderful places in the country.  Hence, we have carefully selected this list of 5 wonderful places to visit in Osun State for Nigeria tourism to help you plan that trip to and enjoy Osun State.

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