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Five Strange Facts About Nigeria That Will Intrigue You

Our country Nigeria is an amazing and intriguing country, made up of depth of mysteries still untold. Here is the list of amazing facts about Nigeria you may not know! Our cultures and diversity have made us quite a wonder that seems only we its descendants can’t see. We bring you five facts about Nigeria to help you appreciate our MOTHER LAND.

1. Nigeria has evidence of one the earliest known civilizations (the NOK culture)

Archaeological findings have shown that one of the earliest known civilizations existed in Nigeria, that dates to as far back as 9000 B.C. called the NOK CULTURE.  It existed in Nigeria around 1000 B.C., but vanished mysteriously around 500 A.D. spanning the end of the STONE AGE and the start of the iron age. This is one of of the facts about Nigeria.

They wore lip and ear plugs, evidence of animals during the NOK CULTURE were depicted by the figurines or terracotta sculptures. Though there were no preserved animal bones in the NOK CULTURE it was assumed that this was due to the acidic soil. Due to similarity in economics and appearances they were presumed to be ancestors of THE HAM people.

2. Nigeria is the African country of origin with the most immigrants in the united states and the most populous country in Africa

As of2018 Nigeria was the most populated African country with a population of 190.8 milion and as of 2013 the Africa country with the most immigrants in the united states.

POPULATION ESTIMATES MALES            88 362 000 FEMALES      85 254 000 TOTAL            173 615 000 AVERAGE ANNUAL RATE OF INCREASE PER THOUSAND   – 28.10 INTERNATIONAL MIGRANT STOCK BY SEX MALE                FEMALE     TOTAL 663 035            570 557      1 233 592

3. The fattening room in Efik and Ibibio land (Nkugho/Mbopo)

The fattening room is an ancient tradition that is going extinct. Young girls are taking to the fattening room during puberty, it is considered a privilege as demonstrates a girls’ chastity, virtue and proved virginity. The father invests by paying ‘eme’ (coral beads) to appease the river goddess before she is accepted into the fattening room.

They are treated to native beauty regimens, using massage oils made from natural plants and native chalk.

Before the end of their period in the fattening room the girls are circumcised by their mothers to ensure they are chaste till marriage and faithful in marriage. Isn’t that an amazing facts about Nigeria?

4. One of the biggest financial frauds in history was pulled off by a Nigerian

Yes, in 1997 it was found out that a criminal gang of Nigerians that constituted of; Nwude, Emmanuel Ofolue, Nzeribe Okoli, Obum Osakwe, Chriatian Ikechukwu Anajemba and his wife Amaka Anajemba, had sold an “airport” to a brazillian named Sakaguchi the director of the Brazilian bank where he paid the mouthwatering sum of $191 million dollars in the guise that he would get $10 million dollars as commission when the deal passed through.

This was a very funny story as Nwude pretended to be the central Bank of Nigeria Governor and was to sell an airport that was not yet built by the government. The deal was a horrible hoax that ruined a lot of lives especially Sakaguchi’s.

5. Food taboos associated with pregnancies

In Nigeria it is a common tradition for it to be said to pregnant women to avoid certain food, in various cultures they were associated with child and mother mortality and irregularities. Snail and grass cutter meat were commonly avoided in pregnancy as they were believed to make a child sluggish and labor difficult.

Also, Eggs were commonly avoided in small children under-two years old as it was claimed that it could predispose them to stealing later in life. It was found that there was no relationship between this food taboos and maternal attainment number of obstetrics deliveries and occupation. So basically this food taboos have no effect at all. So, with this amazing facts about Nigeria, we dare you to come exlore our beautiful motherland.

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