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Top 5 Best Free Travel Apps in Nigeria You Need To Install Now

Do you need best free travel apps in Nigeria to help you plan your next in 2010? I bet you do since travel apps are good places to start Nigeria tourism. Nigeria is one of the biggest African country and tourism here largely centers on events (both cultural and religious) due to the multi-ethnic nature of the country and diverse religious interests.

However, one of the reasons why you need to get acquainted with best free travel app in Nigeria is the fact that that technology has taken its rightful place in the tourism industry and if you can imagine planning your trips to Nigeria right from the comfort of your room even before you embark on such tour at all, these best free travel apps will help you do it better especially with would help with hotels, accommodations, bookings and navigation. Besides, just like the name implies, the apps here are free. Who doesn’t like free things?

What is tourism like in Nigeria?

Tourism in Nigeria is interesting because of the fact that it is a country along coastal line enriched with great beaches, other marine attractions and legendary heroes. Another interesting part of Nigeria tourism is the is its religious tourism as each culture is enriched with robust believe with magical and esoteric objects.

Why do people travel to Nigeria?

The main reasons why most tourist choose Nigeria as their first place of destination when on tour are; lots of wildlife, large forest some of which serve as grove to ancient shrines, beautiful landscape and mountains. Perhaps these natural landmarks are the greatest of the country.

So, what are these best free travel apps in Nigeria you are talking about?

Well, we have so many travel app used by Nigerian and other foreign nationals when on tour to Nigeria, however the following are some of the best free travel apps in Nigeria that are dedicated to making your travel and tour easier within the country.

1. Best free travel apps in Nigeria ➠ Google Map

Google has given the world one of the best gifts in the human history of travel and trips. Unlike the days in the decade’s past, travelling becomes easy with google map with the support of Arial view, street panorama, location auto-detect and lots of other features.

With several places of interest in Nigeria being listed day by day, Nigeria tourism is becoming easy and since most app actually uses google SDKs and plugin to make enjoy rich features offer by google, then it is safe to say Google map is one of the best free travel apps in Nigeria.

2. Best free travel apps in Nigeria ➠ Enjoy Osun

This app is one of best free travel apps in Nigeria especially for one of the most visited states in Nigeria in term of local tourism. Enjoy Osun app is an android mobile app and it focuses more on traveler’s itinerary within Osun state showing all the tourist sights, local business, hospitals, hotels, accommodations, bookings, navigation and lots more through the cities and towns in Osun State.

One of the reasons we love this app is that it is one hundred percent indigenous app and it is designed with great care and the app even works offline. Enjoy Osun app ranks among the best free travel apps in Nigeria as evidenced by the google playstore organic search for terms like “best places to visit in Nigeria” and “Nigeria tourism” etc.

3. Best free travel apps in Nigeria ➠ TripAdvisor

Tripadvisor is one app that help you plan your trip to Nigeria based on the review of previous travelers before you. With this app, there is chance of viewing reviews of this places of interest in Nigeria by people who have been there as well as the good photo shots of these great places.

Tripadvisor app also have a forum where you can review prices and do all sort of other wonderful things. like helping you find best restaurants and hotels around you hence it made it to our list of best free travel apps in Nigeria

4. Best free travel apps in Nigeria ➠ Fascinating Nigeria

Nigeria is really a fascinating place to be and this app help you to know all the rich places that makes the country a place to have best tourism experience.

The number fourth on the list of our best free travel apps in Nigeria gives you access to most towns, villages, restaurants and other places of interest in Nigeria. This app also helps you learn the rich culture of people in each town or city you tour.

5. Best free travel apps in Nigeria ➠ Trip It

The last but not the least among our list of best free travel apps in Nigeria TripIt makes it to our list of top 5 best travel apps for Nigeria tourism 2019 because of its ease of use.  With over one million download and average rating of 4.6 in term of user review, you can be sure the app is designed a way to make it super easy when planning your next trip to Nigeria.

So here, we have given you a comprehensive list of best travel apps in Nigeria that help you plan your next trip with maximum fun while doing so on your smart phone.

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