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Top 5 Lost BIIN Article That Can Boost Your Small Business

Small business can only survive when it is well managed and does not lack other things like financial and human resources.

1. Learn Easy Rules of Wining Investors Over For Small Business

Are you looking for ways of wining investors over for your small business? Do you feel you can increase the odd your startup business if you get more people to believe in your business dream? If YES, read on to learn easy rules of winning investors over for small business in Nigeria. In this article, you will learn how to discover your business personality, make investors to believe in your business and easy rules of wining investors.

2 Business Plan for Nigerian Small Business

Creating a winning business plan for Nigerian small business may seem a daunting task to a startup entrepreneur but it shouldn’t be. Creating a winning business plan and effectively implementing such plan in order to ensure that limited funds available to small business are focused in areas that matters is an essential task that must be perform by every small business owners. Therefore, in this article i will explain the effortless ways to create winning business plan for Nigerian small business that will guaranty that your limited funds offers maximum returns on your investment and help you focus more on areas that matters.

3. Simple strategic plan template for startup business in Nigeria

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who dream of venturing into new business ideas come 2018 but you don’t know the simple strategic plan template for startup business in Nigeria? Truly, you are right to learn this strategy.

5 DIY Candle Making Business in Nigeria

Homemade body lotion is meant to give fragrance, nourishment and freshness to the skin. Now, imagine you purchase a cream with high amount of cash and eventually you opened it and you discover it’s a fake. How will you feel? Do tell ‘cos i get it. We often imagined that when it comes to cream production, it means chemical and that’s a feat that can only be accomplished by the professionals. Now let me made this clear now that that is not entirely true.

Let’s define lotion in a layman and unconventional term. Lotion simply means water and oil mixed together to form emulsion. Don’t bit my head off yet, i know. You feel this sounds crazy just like your high school chemistry, but chill. I’m m only scratching the surface and to be candid it doesn’t need to get harder, does it?

Now, if you are planning a small business in Nigeria or you are just looking for the resources to manage your startup, you can reach out to us through the contact. We’ll help you source for these rare gem in details within a short period of time at no cost at all.

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