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Top 5 Nigerian heroes that were not well recognized

In the Nigeria anthem, you see the line ‘’the labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain’’. Well, this is already a true saying about Nigerian heroes whether dead or alive.

In the Nigeria anthem, you see the line ‘’the labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain’’. Well, this is already a true saying. The only issue faced about this line is to ask the question, who are these Nigerian heroes? Growing in the country makes one familiar with some names because they are well recognized. Many are seen in currencies, newspapers and other textbooks used in schools. Well, this is good but not perfect because there are many unsung heroes who are meant to be well celebrated but are not. Here is the list of Top 5 great Nigerian heroes and the activities they have done.

1. Dr. Stella Ameya Adadevoh

July 2014, Nigeria experience its Ebola outbreak like never before. their seems to be weird mysteries and conspiracies about the 2014 Ebola crisis in Nigeria cosidering the way it entered the country which undebniably was on purpose. But, a noble woman along with three of her colleagues were able to diagnose and contain Nigeria’s first-ever Ebola patient, in person of Patrick Sawyer.

In the course of her duty and due to the fact that the country was not prepared at the time for such outbreak, she and her colleagues lost their live for the greater good of the country. Now, all that seems like a touching history, but have they been ADEQUATELY recognized well for their heroic deeds? No! I am pretty sure many people do not remember this name even though her impact is still the most recent and most important among all. Infact, every Nigerians going about their normal business should feel guilty for this.

She was able to save the most populous black nation from Ebola pandemic and she deserves an honorary award for this her heroic act but no one is yet to recognized her great works.

2. Taiwo Akinkunmi

Talking of Nigerian heroes, it doesn’t have to be the man with ability to shoot laser light from his eyes or have X-ray vision.  He just have to be the man that has ability to make a positive change all around. The man, Akinkunmi Taiwo was one of these Nigerian Heroes who have done for this country what today become the Nigerian Flag. Mr Taiwo Akinkunmi , is a Yoruba man who was still a  student of  engineering at Norwood Technical College in London when he saw a newspaper advert calling on people to enter a competition to design the Nigerian flag and what he did since then was still yet to be surpased or appreciated accordingly. He was called Mr. Flag man because of this. But in the perspective of many, this man has not really been well recognized. No national honor in his memory or a monumental program to honor his good deeds.

3. Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther

Talking of Christianity in Nigeria, there are Nigerian heroes whose names can not go unmentioned, but the formost among them was Bishop Ajayi Samuel Crowther. Infact the Christianity history in Nigeria can never be completed without the impute of Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowher. His impact was one of the reason Christianity has grown and thrive in Nigeria. Samuel Ajayi Samuel Crowther was the first man who translated the English Bible into the Yoruba language. This made the bible available to more people especially in the Southwestern part of the country. Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther is hardly mentioned in Christian religious knowledge, a subject done in secondary schools.

4. Ladi Kwali

Ladi Kwali was one of the female Nigerian heroes whose deed has not been adequately recognized. although she is on one of the currency notes, #20. She developed the art part of the country’s economy by being involved in pottery. A place in Abuja is named after her and called Ladi Kwali’s street.

5. Bukola Elemide a.k.a ASA

Bukola Elemide is an hero among other Nigerian heroes. She is a living legend in Nigeria music industry that goes by the stage name ‘’Asa’’. She was born in Paris but came to Nigeria after two years to school. She is known for pop, soul and reggae music. She is one of the Nigerian celebrities who has represented the country well in the music world at large scooping more awards outside the country than in Nigeria.

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