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Top 5 women special talents you probably don’t notice

There are lots of women special talents that would make even the greatest men a puppet? Yeah they do! Probably this was the reason for the saying women are ‘’necessary evil’’.

Do you know women have special talents that would make even the greatest men a puppet? Yeah they do! Probably this was the reason for the saying women are ‘’necessary evil’’. In this article, we will like to share Top 9 of these women special talents we believe you probably don’t know. Well, the reasons may be positive or negative depending on how you want to view it.

1. Seduction of Men

Several great men have been seduced by women in the past. Perhaps, this attribute is one of the major women special talents. One occation of such seduction that also made history was Caesar’s seduction by Cleopatra. Do you remember? Yeah, she made Caesar wage war even away from Rome his own domain.

Now you understand right? Women can seduce anything. Actually, by anything here, we mean any man. No matter how strong the man is, he only needs a beautiful lady who has something to achieve. Even the world strongest man ever recorded, Samson was a made a laughing stock because of a lady.

Many rich men in this modern age have been wrecked by women; ask Tiger Woods and Mike Tyson.

2. Women could be Crafty and Cunny

Almost everyone is cunny and crafty in some way but, sentiments aside, you and I know that women excel at this skill better than men. Really, a lady can be so deceptive. Eve in the bible was the origin of deception. Nobody today knows the conversation between Eve and Adam, all we know was that Adam ate the fruit. That is how crafty a woman can be.

3. Women get ambitious too

Yeah, just like their male counterparts, women get ambitious too. But when they get too ambitious, hardly can any man match them. Do you remember Cercei in the movie Game of Throne? Yeah, when she get ambitious, all hell break loose.

That’s how far women can take their ambition. A woman needs to only tell you that this is what she wants to achieve and she will go to any length to bring this to reality. This is what makes some ladies at the top remain there for a longer period than the men.

4. Breaking protocols where men couldn’t

Have you ever being to an office here in Nigeria where you are told you can see the boss because he’s in a meeting and just in your presence a cute elegant girl with all the curves walked in charmed everyone and went straight to the boss who doodle? Whoops. That seems like a lot to take in but it happens all the time.

Another one of women special talents, you’d say? You know why, women are beautiful creatures and they recognize this fact. There is this grace any woman naturally has. The fact that she is a lady just mean she deserves some special considerations.

This makes people break protocols for them and they have what they want any how they want it. Even when it seems they pay price for it, you’ll still found out they bought it cheap.

5. Cooking of Delicacy

One of the women special talents you probably don’t know is their speciality in cooking delicacy. Yeah, I know men do too. But think about it, who does the cooking at every home? Why don’t men do the cooking if they do it better? Infact, when taken to the extreme, women ca use this special talent to turn a man into almost a puppet. One of the weird mysteries in Yoruba land happens through these talents.

According to Yoruba history, the Fulani / Yoruba war was conquered by Yoruba as a result of the delicacy prepared by the beautiful damsels sent by the river Osun goddess for the Fulani warriors at the outskirt of Osogbo which makes the brave warriors to sleep off during the Osogbo invasion…the rest is history. Even in the modern days, some ladies are just awesome when it comes to cooking. They can take any man away with their sumptuous delicacy.

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