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Top 6 Weird Mysteries in Yoruba Land With Hot Magic To Baffle You

We’ll go through six of the top weird mysteries in Yoruba land that are enough to spellbind the most skeptic mind considering the magic behind them.

I’m aware of Pyramids of Egypt, Stone Henges in Europe & other wonders of the world. But some people are of the opinion that there are Weird Mysteries in Yoruba land that are yet to be recorded or discovered with strong legends & hot magic to back it up.

Some mysteries have hot magic you cannot disprove scientifically because they are really hard to explain. We go through seven of the top weird mysteries in Yoruba land. They are;

1. Anlugbua Grove in Kuta Town is one of the mysteries in Yoruba 

Kuta is a town in Osun State Nigeria that house another Weird Mysteries in Yoruba land yet untold. Kuta indigenes are believed to be direct descendant of great Anlugbua. Anlugbua was the patriach and founder of Owu Kingdom and Kuta is one of the cities he established directly and his final resting place. Kuta is a peaceful town and with respect for their custom. One of their custom is that It is forbidden to sell fried groundnuts and pounded yam in Kuta, not even in food canteen. This custom was established about 500 years ago according to the reigning King, Olowu of Kuta, Oba Hammed Adekunle Makama Oyelude Tegbosun 111. There are weird stories behind this custom too but we’ll save that for another day.

History recorded that Anlugbua was beheaded by one his kin while fleeing for his life enroute to Kuta because he pose threats to his kin men who feared that he’s gaining more popularity among the people and would eventually contest the throne of Ife. But the brave warrior didn’t just go down. His trunk stood up again and put the fallen head back in its place. This is the myth behind the name “Kuta mi ti” literally translated to “death cannot kill me”.

Oh, you’ve heard all that before? Wait a while. Do you know legend has it that Anlugbua grove had sometimes, in the past, produced fruits and all other food meant for festival held in celebration of Anlugbua without any human effort? Yeah. That’s the mystery you probably haven’t heard of. Seun Aibinuola, a native of Kuta said “my father Late Mr. Arowolo Aibinuola told us that his father said his (grove) produces all the needs during his festival.

Another legend has it that, Anlugbua has a dog while alive and till today the dog still exist according to some indigenes of Kuta. They said the dog often comes out only once in a year with a purse strapped round its neck while people will put tokens in it to seek fortune for themselves and their loved ones.

2. Oke Ada in Ikire Town, Osun State Nigeria

Ikire is one of the popular towns in Osun State, Nigeria. A few minute drives around the city will get you to Oke-Ada community where one of the unresolved mysteries in Yoruba land still resides till today.

A round earthen grave with a small opening of about 1/2 cm circumference is located almost at almost the center of this community. Legend has it that it is a final resting place of a powerful warlord endowed by ancestors with several magical powers with which he performed feast during his life time. Anyone who dare look into the opening of this round earthen grave get their eye plucked into it magically even till today. The round earthen grave is now redecorated with cement but it still retains its magic as evidence in the scary look in the face of the indigenes of this ancient town at the mention of attempt to look through.

3. Baba Sigidi burst in Ile-Ife a mystery in Yoruba

Ile-Ife in Osun State, Nigeria is widely regarded as the ancestral home of Yoruba race at home and in diaspora is still filled with mysteries yet untold. The king himself, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi Eniitan, Ojaja II, once said Ile-Ife house the lost biblical Ark of Noah and challenge the tourist and researchers to verify. May be that is true, only time will tell. But as of now, the burst of Baba Sigidi is one of the confirmed mysteries in Yoruba land.

A breathing burst of the patriarch of a powerful family in Ile-Ife with half-human body and half-stone resides in a building evidently guarded by the priests and the locals. Legend has it that the man was one of the greatest Sherman and warrior of about 300 bc.  The mystery here is that, despite several years after which this ancient warlord has turned into burst, its burst still breaths like human. There has been account of several futile attempts to steal this burst but which resulted into dire consequences for the culprits. This is more like just a mere saying as there hasn’t been any official source to collaborate these stories.

4. Idanre Hills in Ondo State

Idanre is a serene community located about 24 kilometers southwest of Akure, Ondo State capital. Looking at the ancient town from afar, one could see it being enveloped by inselbergs whose sight alone is enough to spellbind the most skeptic mind.

But the town is also known for another one of the mysteries in Yoruba land known as Idanre Hills. These hills are about 3,000 ft. over the sea level and take approximately six hundred and twenty steps for one to climb from the foot of the hill to the hilltop.

There are some mysterious handwriting on the rock which no one has been able to explain to explain till date. It was also believed that the ancient men hid in the hills when their enemies came and the enemies could never see them. It was believed that whoever etched the writing on these rocks must be the one feeding and catering to those ancient men whenever they seek refuge under these rocks in those days.

5. The Mystery of the lost Orb-Osupa Ajio in Ile-Ife, the ancestral home of Yorubas

Ile-Ife host a lot of mysteries in Yoruba land that will baffle even the critics of the highest order. One of the mysteries is the lost Osupa Ajio.  The last location of Osupa Ajio was in Moore in Ile-Ife and was last seen during the rain of His Imperial Majesty, Late Oba Adesoji Aderemi, the then Ooni of Ife.

The mysterious orb shaped object was the only natural moon in the ancient ife as at that time. It was reported to be about 30ft tall and 40ft wide in circumference. It was reported by several eye witnesses that it illuminated the then ancient Ile-Ife. Some Ile-Ife indigenes claimed this must have been an extra-terestial object judging from the way it illuminated the whole ancient ife without any form of electricity or mechanical system to power the orb.

The composition of this mysterious orb-like object was never known and there’s no way to prove whether this is an earthly or extra-terrestrial object as there are no traces of its location left. But there is certainty that this orb has once existed in Ile-Ife as evidenced in the saying “Ife ooye, ibi ojumo ire ti nmo wa’le aiye” loosely translated to “Illuminated Ife, where the good lighting illuminate the world”.

6. Sixteen headed palm tree at Orile-Owu Town

Orile Owu is a town in Osun State that you can access via Ikire in less than two hours. Orile Owu is the first settlement of Owu kingdom before its indigenes spread to other part like Ago-Owu in Ogun state and other part of the Yoruba nation. The name Orile-Owu literally means “the origin of Owu”. A few road walk into the farmland not too far from the royal palace and an old cocoa produce store was located a Sixteen headed palm tree, another weird mysteries in Yoruba land, which was said to have mysterious power to bless you with whatever your wish is.

According to Adeyeye Ayobami who claimed he has seen this Sixteen headed palm tree; “one of the indigenes that took us there claimed that if you come to the palm tree alone with white chicken to offer as a sacrifice and request for anything, it will grant your wish”.  The Sixteen headed palm tree has been there for more than 26years undisturbed.

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