Two COVID-19 Patients from Borno On the Run After Testing Positive

Two COVID-19 patients in Borno who tested positive to the ragging corona virus are on the run after their result came out.

Borno state commissioner for health, Salisu Kwayabura, who confirmed this in daily briefing of the Committee on COVID-19 said the patients are male and female.

According to the commissioner, the male patient Abba Kaka Hassan (Age 24) and Hauwa Mohamed (42) escape after their test came back positive at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital.

The commissioner explained that Abbas is from Layin Tanki suburbs in Gwange II ward while Hauwa came from Shuwari ward.

The Commissioner noted that “When samples of patients with contacts to index cases are collected, they are normally advised to go on self-isolation.

“They give their contacts so they can be reached when the results are out. This is the standard medical procedure. You can’t detain someone with suspected contact. We do not have the lawful powers to do that.

“Other COVID-19 patients were also allowed to leave but they came into isolation centres and we have 19 of them in two isolation centres. However, the young man in question chose to go into hiding.”

The escaped COVID-19 male patient, Abbas was reported, by the COVID-19 response team, to be unreachable shortly after his blood samples was taken. This happens “because he had switched off his phone.”

The two patients at large are not the first to attempt an escape as there has been report of such escape from Osun State and other states in the nation.

NCDC officially announced on Sunday that Borno state’s confirmed cases of COVID-19 had shot up to 30 cases after 18 more persons tested positive.

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