Get Paid ₦400 Writing for Listngist

Do you want to earn money online? Listngidt Listicle and News Blog welcome you to amazing world of opportunities under our Listicle section. We are African people and we prefer telling our story in our own way. You don’t need to be an expert in article writing to earn a token here.

What’s our commitment?

List & Gist Media Inc. will pay you ₦400 as a token of appreciation for the effort you put into compiling that amazing list and gist but the fact is that you must be able to write in good English and of course who like a boring list? So your sense of humor and curiosity is desired.

How does it work?

We have our area of interest for sure but sincerely, we can’t really tell what we like until we see the facts, so here is the deal, surprise us with your stories, findings and articles. Who knows you might be the featured author of the week.

How to go about this?

Ok, just write your list of minimum of 5 items. Send it to us. If we like it, we will publish it and send you ₦400 through PayStack or Bank Transfer (For Nigerian based content writers only) as our token of appreciation. If we don’t like it — as in not what our readers would prefer, then we will reject it with an encouragement tone. We call our payment a TOKEN because we believe your effort as a writer worth more. So, head to PayStack and register an account. It’s free and we will only pay through PayStack (excluding Nigerian based content writers who can choose to be paid through pay stack or local bank transfer). It’s our decision and we want you to respect it.

As a rule of thumb, your list must not be less than two paragraphs per entry and the list must not be less than minimum of 400 words.

Are there any rules to this?

We have straight and very simple rule. We appreciate ONLY your list and not the “sweat” of others that is stolen. That is it. Just choose any topic that fits our existing category and compile a list consisting minimum of two paragraphs per entry. We prefer minimum of five entries per list but you are allowed to go out of line here by writing more. Link the fact in your list to reputable and verifiable source, so we can verify. Once it fits our standard, bang! You get your TOKEN of ₦400.

Can we offer you any idea on our kind of preferred list?

Yes we can. We appreciate your list when you think out of the box. We want list that is written with new angle in mind. For example, ways to start a business as a debtor, hidden secret found in every public places, unsolved mysteries and strange events. Just anything that has to do with general human knowledge and relates to African continent. We also have flair for sport and in this area; we don’t limit our preference to Africa. List on opinion are rarely published and infographics are not welcome. You can learn from this list or this list and this story as well.

Now if you are ready to roll your list in, go ahead and signup for membership account, submit your first list and email us your account details at pay_authors[at] ©